Sunday School

Our mission here at Nazareth Community Church is simple: “To glorify God and grow in the Lord”.  Part of our growth in the Lord places an emphasis on the Sunday School hour.  At Nazareth, Sunday School takes place from 9:30 AM– 10:15 AM, which falls between our two morning worship services.  All of our curriculums are approved KJV Sunday School material, but more importantly, based from the Word of God.  The Youth Sunday School uses a variety of curriculums to study Bible stories as they relate to the current lives of Youth today.  All of the curriculums, youth and adult classes, are provided with visual and audio aids. We believe that receiving, meditating, and discussing the Word of God is priceless. We believe that Sunday School provides a great opportunity for this to take place. Along with this, Sunday School offers a time for both accountability and fellowship among other believers, as well as weekly lesson material.  With that said, Nazareth Community Church is equipped with an age-appropriate Sunday School class for everyone. 

We offer three adult classes, five children and youth classes, and a nursery. Included in these are our newly added College and Career class as well as our Three-Five Year Old class. Take a look at the classes that we offer!